Exalt Lipo Warmer (EXA4050)
Exalt Lipo Warmer (EXA4050)
Item# EXA4050
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Product Description

Exalt Lipo Warmer Sleeve w/5v Usb


Want Low IRs?

Exalt Lipo Warmer Sleeve is perfect for that.This is meant to be used in a lipo bag, and is not completely flame retardant on its own. It is made out of flame retardant material. It features a super flexible wire, blacked out heating elements, and is more reliable. This does have 4 heating elements one on each side, this ensures equal and controlled heat distribution.Heating your Lipo Battery before charging has Pros and Cons We feel Consumers need to be aware of:


Heating a battery before you charge it, allows for a flatter discharge curve less fade while you run. It also decreases the Internal resistance of a battery, increasing punch. Cons

Increase Chances to harm the battery if you overheat the battery. (Caution Keep under 120 F) Decreases Battery Life Span Specifications: Wire Length: 36" Power type: USB 5 volt

Temperature: 3 settings 110 Degrees(red), 100 Degrees(white), 90 Degrees(blue) Dimensions: 120 (length) x 45(width) x 25(height)mm Expanded Sleeve Dimensions: 120 (length) x 45 (width) x 55 (height)mm

Built in safety feature to shut off if there is an issue