Watt's Up Watt Meter Blue
Watt's Up Watt Meter Blue
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Watt's Up Watt Meter Blue This is the RC Electronics Watts Up Watt Meter with Blue Case.

FEATURES: Works with any electric airplane, helicopter, car or boat model High resolution on all measurement ranges to accurately check battery battery pack cell balance and measure single cell packs Connects like jumper cables and troubleshoots poor performance, crashes, charging problems, battery capacity, ruined batteries, erratic receiver and servo operation and many other common electric model problems Readings are easily reset, even without removing power, by adding an external pushbutton connected to the reset signal of the meter's auxilliary connector, The full user manual (v1.7) at the RC electronics has details on this function. Sets cutoff currents and voltages, compares components and detects wear prior to component's failure Measures eight essential electrical values; Captures Peak Amps, Peak Watts and Minimum Volts events as short as a fraction of a second Current: 0-100A Peak, 50A Continuous, .01A Resolution Charge: 0-65535mAh, 1mAh resolution Power: 0-6500 Watts, .1W Resolution Voltage: 4-60V, .01 Resolution (0V min. using auxiliary receiver battery Energy: 0-6500 Watt Hours, .1Wh resolution Powered by circuit-no battery to change 16 character, 2 row LCD display 8 MIPS microprocessor and DSP firmware for highest performance One year warranty

INCLUDES: RC Electronics Watts Up Watt Meter, four 3.8" (96mm) length 14 gauge stranded silicone source and load wires without connectors, instructions

REQUIRES: Connectors depending on type of battery