Team Trinity Punisher Spec Class Sensored Brushless Motor (17.5T)
Team Trinity Punisher Spec Class Sensored Brushless Motor (17.5T)
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Product Description

PUNISHER 17.5t Worlds Fastest Outlaw SPEC Class Sensored Brushless Motor

Designed and built at the request of tracks and racers with price, performance and speed in mind...Where the only concern is that you are running "X" Turn Motor! Charge your battery, grab your transmitter and go have fun!!!

Features: •Infinite Timing Adjustment •True Zero Point •Updated Sensor Board Design •Open Bearing On Sensor End For Easy Cleaning and Oiling •Lower Resistance Solder Tabs •Maximized Can Cooling Vents •Sensored Design •Newly Designed Stator with Low Resistance - More Torque and RPM equals Power and Performance on all surfaces •Built with **TEP1114 13.0mm Ultra High Torque Rotor - Gold •Includes Sensor Wire •2100Kv this number is approximate set as Zero Degrees of Timing. Sensored Brushless Motors are not rated in Kv's due to the fact that timing and voltage can effect the Kv number.

Gearing recommendation is to gear up 2-3 teeth over our Monster "MAX" Motor

* Not available in ROAR, EFRA or any other sanctioning body version. This is a pure run what you brung class motor.

** Images are representative of the motor not necessarily the actual turn, production SPECS subject to change.