R5 Front End Kit (HD), Silver (7576)
R5 Front End Kit (HD), Silver (7576)
Item# HD7576
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Product Description

Complete R5 front end with Hyperdrive SILVER aluminum suspension mounts. Frontend will bolt onto any chassis drilled for the standard Associated Dynamic Strut frontend and bolts on with 8/32 Screws.

*Associated Plastic R5 parts (arms/steering blocks/caster blocks/pivot balls/eyelets) *HD aluminum bulkheads for 8/32 screws *HD servo mounts *HD2530 Shims for shimming lower arm in and out *Lunsford Titanium Steering tie rods w/ ballcups and ball studs *Lunsford Titanium upper arm turnbuckles *1/8" front axles with shims *1.5" king pins w/ .020" shims *8.5 # Red front springs with spring buckets *KP201 Black medium servo saver *A few different size lower a-arm shims *All necessary screws and hardware for assembly (3mm, 8-32, 4-40 nuts)