3PV R304SB 3PV w/R304SB RX Telemetry TFHSS
3PV R304SB 3PV w/R304SB RX Telemetry TFHSS
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Product Description

This is the Futaba 3PV 3-Channel Telemetry Radio System with the 4-Channel R304SB T-FHSS Telemetry Receiver.

FEATURES: FHSS/S-FHSS/T-FHSS protocols Large, easy to read programming screen Four wheel steering and brake mixing Model data copy Anti-lock brake system (ABS) function R304SB telemetry receiver Link Mode DT3 selection SW1 Throttle fail safe Steering and throttle trim Channel 4 trim Sub trim Steering dual rate adjustment Steering and throttle end point adjustment Channel 3 and 4 end point adjustment, and servo reversing Steering and throttle exponential Auto power off after ten minutes

INCLUDES: Futaba 3PV 3-CH Transmitter, 4-CH R304SB T-FHSS Telemetry Receiver Instruction Manual

REQUIRES: AA Batteries: Four for transmitter (may also be powered by the Futaba HT5F1800B 6V NiMH pack FUTM1482, or the Hobbico LiFe 6.6V 1900mAh pack, HCAM6521

SPECS: Transmitter; Transmitting Frequency: 2.4GHz band Power Requirement: Four AA cells Current Drain: 100mA or less Transmission Antenna: Dipole (built in) Communication Method: Two way T-FHSS,one way S-FHSS, FHSS operating system R304SB Receiver; FUTL7680 Power Requirement: 4.8 - 7.4V battery (dry cells cannot be used) Receiving Frequency: 2.4GHz System: T-FHSS (auto detection) with SBUS2 port Dimensions: 1.38 x 0.91 x 0.33" (35.1 x 23.2 x 8.5mm) Weight: 0.23oz (6.6g) Antenna Length: 7.5" (190.5mm)