CIU-2 PC Interface

CIU-2 PC Interface
CIU-2 PC Interface
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Product Description

This is the PC Interface for the Futaba MC401CR, MC601C and the MC850C Programmable Speed Controls.

FEATURES: Setting Data Read-reads the program setting data of the connected ESC Setting Data Write-writes data to the ESC Default Data Write-writes standard data from the factory Get Data-reads the program data when connected to ESC Clear Data- clears data from the ESC

INCLUDES: PC Interface with interface to ESC extension

REQUIRES: PC with USB type A port Software can be downloaded free from

SPECS: Interface: USB Rev1.1 compliant 500mm extension included with the CIU-2 to connect to your ESC USB Connector: USB series A connector Operating Voltage: 5V ± .2V (USB bus power) Current Drain: At connection idle; 12.3 ± 2mA Operating Environment: Temperature -10 ~ 50°C Dimensions: .72 x 2.22 x .35" (18.2 X 56.5 X 9mm) Weight: .26oz (7.5g)

COMMENTS: Requires PC with Windows® Vista 32bit, XP 32bit, Windows® 7 32bit, or Windows 2000 system and USB port