Alum HD Lower Suspension Links Wraith (2) (2056)
Alum HD Lower Suspension Links Wraith (2) (2056)
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Product Description

These are the ST Racing CNC Machined Aluminum HD Lower Suspension Links For the Axial Wraith 1/10 Rock Racer

FEATURES: In a no compromise approach and in effort to preserve the original great looks of the Axial Wraith suspension, we have faithfully produced the shape and design of the stock plastic suspension links of the Axial Wraith in heavy duty CNC machined aluminum. Instead of going with the cheaper looking aluminum tube design, our lower and upper suspension links feature same light weight design as the stock plastic pieces with weight saving holes drilled out in the suspension links while preserving the same thickness as the stock plastic pieces that makes these links near indestructible, not to mention the awesome looks it adds to the Axial Wraith.

These links are black in color.

INCLUDES Two suspension links Four M39x15.5mm setscrews with 1.5mm hex socket

SPECS: length: 88mm (3-15/32") width: 7mm (9/32") height: 12mm (15/32")

COMMENTS: Note: Requires AX80057 turnbuckle links (AXIC0057) to install. Each pair will do either the front or rear end of the Wraith. To do the whole truck, you'll need two pairs.

These suspension links can be installed on Axial Wraith Rock Racer 4WD 2.4GHz RTR (AXID9018) Axial Wraith 4WD Kit (AXID9020)